Outsource OCR Cleanup Processing to Rayvat

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) cleanup services refer to the cleaning up or rectifying the errors that may occur during the OCR process. OCR or Optical Character Recognition is the process where image files are converted into text in ASCII and Unicode formats using high resolution scanners.

Any errors like characters being misread, characters being omitted or incorrect conversion are rectified through the OCR cleanup services. Outsourcing OCR cleanup services is recommended as it helps in saving time, money and resources. Documents and dated manuscripts can be converted into the digital format with the use of the OCR.

OCR Cleanup ProcessingOur trained technicians control the quality of your data. After you have scanned and extracted the data to your satisfaction, you must equip the data with service quality. For this Rayvat, compares the original documents with the new files to ensure that no characters are misread. If any error is found, it’s corrected and replaced. We offer the OCR cleanup not just to the main document, but to the footnotes, tables, graphs, and other technical data as well.

Rayvat BPO offers not only superior OCR data entry process but also OCR cleanup services, which enables companies to have precise and accurate data.

Join hands with us, RayvatBPO OCR cleanup services India to take advantage of our expertise, experience and high end technology.