General Questions

1Why Should BPO services be outsourced?
There are various advantages of taking the decision to outsource. Some of the major reasons are: – Free your resources – Focus on core business areas – Increase your productivity – Cost Effective – Get the services of Industry Experts
2How do I verify that the privacy of my data is secure?
At Rayvat, we take our client’s security and safety extremely seriously. Along with the confidentiality agreement, we place each client’s data on separate servers and ensure proper privacy settings are in place.
3After outsourcing, what is the level of control I have over my data?
We offer data control on a “Need to know” basis. Before we start working, we analyse your data along with you and ensure that the data is seen only by the people who needs it. This ensures that your data is not misused in anyway.
4How do you ensure the quality of people working with you?
We conduct thorough checks on people who work for us. We conduct regular workshops and training to ensure that our employees have up to date industry knowledge.
5How do I get in touch with you?
You can call, mail or visit us. Visit contact us page for more details.

Data entry question

1How can I send my documents to you?
There are various ways through which you can send the documents to us. Few such ways are: a) Send us a mail b) Upload the files on our server c) Accessing files by remote login d) Accessing files from various web based applications Let us know if you feel the need to send us your documents in any other way, we would be glad to oblige.
2How do I access your servers to upload, view and download your files?
We have separate servers for each of our clients. Once the deal and the confidentiality agreement is signed, we will send you the password and the authorization details through which you can access our server.
3How secure is my data when it is with you?
Your data security is a major concern for us. We continuously strive to update our security policies and softwares to provide advanced safety for your data.

Data conversion question

1Is electronic data conversion recommended?
Yes. It is recommended to convert your data into an electronic format for two major reasons: a) With major offices across the world is becoming paperless, to stay in competition, it is important for firms to become digitized. b) Electronic data is much easier to store and recall.
2How much data can be converted into an electronic format?
With the advancement of technology, all your data could be transferred into electronic formats. We have successfully converted images, text, catalogs, ebooks and much more.
3How does one find out the quality and quantity of data that can be converted?
Our world class softwares are able to handle large quantity of data can be converted with 100% precision.Our expert team takes care that the data converted by us is error free.
4How much would data conversion cost?
We are one of the most affordable conversion services providers. Please contact us with your data and we will send a quote at the earliest.