Now concentrate of patient care by joining hands with RayvatBPO and outsourcing your medical claims processing to us.

We act as your medical claims processing and can help you increase your productivity, profitability and revenue by handling all the activities involved in Medical Claims Processing Company. The software that we work on, helps us be versatile and can integrate into any Medical Claim Processing as well as make the entire process more efficient.

Settling medical claims is a tedious task that requires time, effort and money. While many doctors and medical practitioners do the task in-house, others prefer outsourcing them to third parties to save their time and effort. Medical Claim Services has several benefits as it saves the doctors their time, money and reduce their burden of multi-tasking in an already busy medical schedule.

RayvatBPO Medical Claims Processing Service

At RayvatBPO we use an advanced and effective electronic medical claims processing services. This service enables us to process claims at a faster rate with minimum errors. Here are some specific features of our Medical Transcription services:

  1. Data entry services of patient demographics, referring physician, CPT & ICD Codes, and Modifiers is entered into the medical billing tools
  2. Scan the Medical documents for billing errors and correct them if needed in to services
  3. Adjudicate client claims for accuracy services
  4. Preparation of Explanation of Medical Benefits (EOBs)
  5. Submit and Medical file the claim with the insurance company
  6. Follow up on the Medical claims with the health insurance company
  7. Apprise you of the status of the Medical claim
  8. Process denied Medical claims and re-adjudicate them for Medical Claim Submission and services

They would get the following benefits of outsourcing medical claim Processing to RayvatBPO:

  • Save money
  • Have more time for the patients
  • Increased cash flow
  • Reduced billing errors
  • Safeguard billing compliance
  • Growth in revenue
  • Satisfied patients

Medical Claim Service

RayvatBPO offers high quality Medical Claim Services to overseas as well as domestic clients. Medical practitioners looking forward to ease their burden can easily medical claims processing services to RayvatBPO. We offer Business Process Outsourcing Services with High Accuracy and complete outsourcing medical claim services.

We have Highly Qualified Professional teamed up with major players from across the globe.  If you want to know more about Medical Claim Service or medical claims processing then Don't hesitate just make Call us. If you want to know more about  Contact Us and benefit with our world class services.