About Security

At Rayvat the security of your data is of the utmost importance to us. To ensure this, we have secure data and ensure data protection solutions built into a unified framework.

We do not just protect your data we even sign a confidentiality agreement that is made in accordance to you. We have stringent data security practice that is followed at our campus. Any data that come to us is first analysed by our trusted employees.

The sensitive information is identified, and an extra vigil is practiced by us to heep it safe, secured and confidential.
We maintain our data in various servers, and each is protected by high end anti viruses and password protection.

Our servers allow restricted viewing, this means the data that is extremely sensitive will b viewed only by a selected few. Each client’s data is stored in a different server, thus eliminating any chance of data transfer errors.

This helps us delegating task force as well as maintain an increased security of the data that is entrusted in our care. Read More About Data Protection Act 1998.