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Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is as associated business segment of the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES). It provides IT related services to business houses that outsource their labour-intensive work to BPO companies. The BPO companies being specialised units offer high quality business processes to their clients thereby easing their burden of gettign the work done in-house. Online Data Entry Services, provide high quality services to clients from countries like the USA and the UK. As compared to other Asian countries like Philippines and Singapore, India provides BPO services at a much cheaper rate. The talented pool of English speaking professionals is another reason for the growth of the BPO industry in India.

Services Offered by BPO Companies Business Process Outsourcing Services offer varied services to their clients. The BPO companies might be specialised in any of these processes or may provide all types of services.

Here is a brief overview of these services:

Telemarketing Services : This is primarily the first process that was taken up by BPO companies India. the telemarketing services includes interacting with customers to encourage them to buy their clients’ products/services. Promotion, up-selling and cross selling of the products/services is a part of the telemarketing services.

Insurance Processing : Processing of documents related to business acquisitions, property, claims processing, policy management and maintenance and other insurance related processes are handled by business process outsourcing companies.

IT Help Desk Services : Services related to system and technical problems resolutions, multi-channel support, performing remote diagnostics, answering product related queries and office productivity tools support come under this segment.

Form Processing Services : Processing of forms such as online forms, medical billing, payroll processing, insurance claim forms, medical forms and all other form related processing is provided through the form processing services.

Data Entry and Processing : As companies have to deal with large amounts of data each day, they prefer outsourcing its organisation to BPO companies India so that some meaningful information can be gained out of it. BPO companies provide data entry from images, books, yellow pages, websites, software applications, business cards, paper, e-books, receipts, catalogues. They also provide Data Processing Services for word processors, databases, software applications, spreadsheets. Raw data can be converted from and into various formats such as PDF, Word, HTML and Acrobat.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services: Another of the segment where the business process outsourcing is very popular is that of bookkeeping and accounting. Firms outsource their  accounting and bookkeeping work to BPO companies India where the expert account professionals maintain customer’s general ledger, accounts payable and receivables, financial statements, asset/equipment ledgers and bank reconciliations.

Online Research : With more and more business going online and several more waiting in the pipeline, the work of the BPO companies has increased manifold. They have included the services related to online research which is essential for marketing and promotion. BPO companies provide interent research, market research, product research, web research, surveys, analysis and mailing list research to find new customers and the ongoing trends in the market.

BPO companies India are the perfect choice if you wish to outsource your business processes. Rayvat BPO is a premier name in the BPO industry as it provides high quality services at the most competitive rates.

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