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October 17, 2016
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Solving issues with Data Capture Services

Data Capture Services

Data Capture Services that are offered by outsourcing firms like Rayvat BPO use OCR or the optical character recognition software. With the help of this software, outsourcing services providers would be able to save, omdec and manage your documents and data. The data is captured when any order is received and the firm issues a dispatch note with the description of the product. It also records the note of goods received which would be released when the customer signs for the goods received. This is important as the goods are sometimes damaged, lost or might have any issues due to which the customer does not accept the goods. With Rayvat BPO, all these would be recorded properly.

We have different software’s in order to deal with the different formats as well as styles. All you need to do is to inform the representatives about the type of services that you would be looking for, and we would do our best to assist you.

We automatically flag any discrepancy that we find, we would flag it right away as well as investigate it. So that the entire process flows smoothly. There are various other benefits of opting for electronic data capture services, they are enhancing your corporate brand image, provide much better customer services, help you with the administration by managing your overheads, help you gain more visibility, ensure that the data is error free as well as no delays are entertained, a look on the debtors so as to ensure that regular cash flow is maintained.

When you work with RayvatBPO, you can be assured of the quality. Since the firm has been in business for ever a decade, they know the ins and outs of  the industry. Ample care is taken that all the clients are kept on a priority, and ensure that ample care be taken that all work that is undertaken full fill our qualitative standards, we ensure that via various checks and ensure you have the work just as you require. Contact Us for more details.

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